Our Terroir

The Muscadet Terroirs

Our vineyard is located in the south of Nantes, at the western end of the Loire Valley. The Nantes vineyard is located on the same latitude as Champagne, Burgundy or Alsace. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and its different terroirs bring to its wines a particular typicity. 

A little bit of geological history...

The Muscadet vineyard is located in the south-eastern part of the Armorican Massif. This massif is based on the Paris Basin in the East and the Aquitaine Basin in the South. This gives our vineyard one of its strong characteristics since it is not located on a sedimentary bedrock. Today, it is estimated that the Armorican Massif dates back to the Precambrian period, i.e. between 3500 million years and 500 million years, i.e. before the primary and secondary era (respectively the Paleozoic and Mesozoic for the experts).

A great complexity of rocks...

Several geological events have led to great complexity and diversity in the organization of our subsoils. Indeed, so-called plutonic rocks (gabbros) and metamorphic rocks (gneiss, orthogneiss, micaschites) characterize today our vineyard which extends from Gorges to Pallet via Monnières. In addition, there are different degrees of rock alteration (alterations, alteration clays) and erosion phenomena related to our topography.

The influence of the Ocean and the Loire...

Our vineyard is the most westerly in France due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. It allows us to produce fresh, iodized and salted wines. The Loire and the Atlantic coast offer us fish, periwinkles, shells, langoustines and oysters to enhance our wines.

All these elements linked to our terroir allow us to produce wines of great richness and diversity.