Our Team

Passionate Women and Men !

Whether in the office, in the vineyards or in the cellar… We take care to maintain the fragile balance of a team where everyone brings their talent, skills and motivation, while respecting each other and our philosophy.

Equipe du Domaine Ménard-Gaborit

A short presentation of each of us is necessary...

Equipe - Philippe

The eldest of the family, Philippe joined his father on the estate in 1986. He concentrates most of his time on working in the vineyard. His goal ? To bring quality grapes to the cellar, always respecting our terroirs. And when he has some free time, he loves to repair tractors.

Equipe - Thierry


Thierry is the little brother of Philippe ! In 1991, Thierry joined his brother and father on the estate. Naturally meticulous and organized, he prefers to take care of his wines, the cellar, the labeling, etc. He is also the one who delivers the wines to our customers in the West of France!

Equipe - François

François, son of Philippe and Pascale, joined the estate in 2019 after several experiences in France and abroad. He is keen to continue the family history by highlighting the potential of Muscadet wines. Discover his new range Inspirations.

Equipe - Pascale

If you come to see us at La Minière, it is certainly Pascale, Philippe’s wife, that you will see first! Pascale joined the winery in 1986. She manages all the administrative aspects, wine tourism, welcoming customers !

Equipe - Isabelle


Isabelle joined us in 2016. After 5 years at the domain, you will see her as well in the vineyard, as in the cellar. Isabelle has a love for nature and a job well done. 

Equipe - Pauline

Pauline joined the estate recently ! With François, they are the new generation! She manages the communication, export and wine tourism

Equipe - Jimmy


Since 1994, Jimmy has acquired all his know-how from Philippe and Thierry. Jimmy, what he likes is to prune, to take care of the vines and of course to work in the cellar with the toppings (filling the barrels) for example ! 

Equipe - Maxime

Maxime joined us in 2013. His phone, his computer and his car are his faithful companions to make Muscadet known all over the world!

Equipe - Tanguy


In 1991, Tanguy joined the estate team. After 30 years at the estate, the least we can say is that he knows the vines and the cellar like the back of his hand. 

We couldn’t finish our little team tour without mentioning our “Super Papi”, André, who turned 89 last February ! His happiness is therefore to take care of the vegetable garden and above all to always have an eye on what is done beautifully at Domaine Ménard-Gaborit…